John F. Kennedy

Candidate Answers

GA State Senator John F. Kennedy

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1. What will you do to get a statewide forensic audit of the 2020 election and the elimination of Dominion voting machines?
The Senate Republicans and House Republicans worked diligently (and against significant Democratic and media efforts) to pass SB 202 to bring integrity to our election process. This bill addresses the vast majority of issues and concerns stemming from the 2020 election. We also have approached it in a measured fashion so that the new law would be sustainable against challenges that may come in the courts. Importantly, SB 202 removes the signature verification process that was weak and a very flawed approach to election integrity for absentee ballots. Now, voter identification is a part of the process moving forward. Importantly, we must look forward to our future elections and ensuring that they are secure and safe, rather than focusing on the rear view mirror. This will be vitally important in securing Republican victories in 2022. Regarding audits, the legislature does not have authority over this because the Secretary of State has the constitutional authority of control and enforcement of our elections.  I would encourage everyone to read SB 202 to see the changes that we worked hard to implement. We are working on legislation to make it even better.

2. What will you do to pass Constitutional Carry?
I have co-sponsored the Constitutional Carry bill (SB 319), and it is making its way through the legislative process. I will continue to support this bill and vote for it and help get it passed and signed by the Governor.

3. What will you do to pass legislation forbidding vaccine mandates, mask mandates and closures?
I will support legislation that makes sure we do not have vaccine mandates. I understand that a bill is making its way through the process and I look forward to assisting this effort. I am against vaccine mandates. I’m against mask mandates and closures. Business decisions need to be made by businesses. Schools need to stay open.

4. What will you do to pass legislation promoting school choice (home schools, charter schools, private schools) and prohibiting Critical Theory?
I have voted for school choice bills and to let the money follow the child. It is not fair for schools to keep the money allocated for the child if parents choose to send the child to a school of their choice.  We need more options for parents that enable them to choose the right educational path for their child. Senate Republican leadership (of which I am a part of) has a bill to prohibit Critical Race Theory being taught and it is one of our top 5 Senate Republican legislative priorities, and I have co-sponsored and will help lead that effort.

5. What will you do to pass legislation to reduce or eliminate income taxes like Florida and Tennessee do?
I want to reduce our income tax rate. My concern is balancing our budget if we eliminate the state income tax because our tax structure, from income to sales taxes to other fees, are interrelated.  I am working to help reduce income taxes, especially for military retirees and reduce the income tax rate for all Georgians. It is important that we know how much we would have to raise consumption taxes to balance our budget, but given our current economic circumstances, the state income tax rate should be lowered.