Robert Dickey

Candidate Answers

GA State Representative Robert Dickey

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1. What will you do to get a statewide forensic audit of the 2020 election and the elimination of Dominion voting machines?
I’m confident SB202 solved the 2020 Election problem.
·       Requires security paper to ensure authentication of ballots.
·       Requires all in-person and absentee voters to have photo ID.
·       Mandates all poll workers to be trained
·       Requires all ballots to be tabulated on election day without ceasing.
Our strategy was to incrementally fix the problem so that not all of the changes will be thrown out by the courts. All election boards are now on notice they could be taken over by the state if they do not do follow the law. We have to have some sort of machine to vote and count the votes. Exclusively voting on paper ballots has problems as well. Remember Trump won the vote count on the voting machines. We must start looking out the windshield and not the rearview mirror towards the 2022 elections which are vital and extremely important to have Republicans to win.

2. What will you do to pass Constitutional Carry?
I support it and will vote for it. I’ve have a carry permit and own guns for hunting and personal protection. We must be ready for the political backlash from passing this legislation however, everything we do needs to hinge on keeping a Republican majority but at the same time moving our own conservative agenda forward. The other side will try to use it against us. We must be strong against crime. We own that argument now – crime has skyrocketed with the failed democratic policies of defunding the police. Constitutional self- protection is vital.

3. What will you do to pass legislation forbidding vaccine mandates, mask mandates and closures?
I have had a strong stand against mask mandates and vaccine mandates and have supported our Governor’s posture on this matter. I am grateful for our US Supreme Court which struck down the Biden’s administration’s overreach. I feel masks are ineffective but urge everyone to get vaccinated if you so choose. I chose to get vaccinated as well the booster.

4. What will you do to pass legislation promoting school choice (home schools, charter schools, private schools) and prohibiting Critical Theory?
We need more school choice. Vouchers should be given for parents to send their children to the school of their choice–public, private, home school. Public schools have their place in our educational process but look at ACE – it is a public school here in Macon with a long waiting list. Parents have chosen this school for their children even though it requires a good bit of effort and volunteer responsibilities. I have supported legislation and budget to expand this opportunity for our students.

5. What will you do to pass legislation to reduce or eliminate income taxes like Florida and Tennessee do?
Taxation is a complicated issue. If we lower or eliminate income taxes, we will have to raise other taxes such as sales tax or fees and local property taxes. Georgia has a balanced tax system of sales and income taxes. I am supporting lowering our state income tax by .5% this year. It is doable and justified. The Macon/Bibb legislative delegation passed legislation last year which gave residents the opportunity to approve an OLOST tax, which shifts approximately 1/3 of local ad valorem to sales tax. Our state’s overall taxes are lower than Florida or Texas.